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Company Dinner-Max Germany

DINNER-MAX GmbH has been at the forefront of developing washable and reusable thermo systems for commercial catering for more than 20 years. With more than 130,000 daily users, the DINNER-MAX system holds a market-leading position in Europe.

We develop and fabricate complete ready-to-use, multi-use transport systems for Meals on Wheels, children’s day care, schools and corporate catering. The DINNER-MAX products are developed in our in-house design department and fabricated on our own production lines and by our affiliated partners using our tooling.

All of our products, with only a very few exceptions, are made in Germany. Our products meet and exceed the current European hygiene and quality standards.

Our product portfolio includes our classic thermal systems for commercial catering as well as sustainable multi-use thermo- and transport systems for Cook-Chill and Cook-Freeze. We have developed appliances for the individual inductive regeneration of Cook-Chilll and Cook-freeze meals and our portfolio also holds solutions for the heated transit of meals and even for partly automated large-scale packaging solutions.

All product lines can be equipped with various models of DINNER-MAX high-tech porcelain or high quality plastic dinnerware. DINNER-MAX systems and solutions cover all aspects of commercial catering taking all organisational and logistic kitchen and distribution issues into account.

Our philosophy is to provide Ready-to-use systems. This means that we also provide all appliances and equipment required for the professional storage, pre-heating, stacking and cleaning of our dinnerware and system components. Additionally, soft- and hardware solutions are available for an optimal handling of all logistic processes, organisation and invoicing, monitoring and recording of meal temperatures when leaving the kitchen and after transit.


We would be happy to support you with the consultancy of your customers or by consulting your customers or carrying out tests on-site. Naturally, our extensive support is free of charge.