For meals on wheels, assisted living, short-term care


Cook-Chill and deep frozen food regeneration

In terms of flavour and nutritional values, using MONDO INDUCTION means to ensure that all freshly cooked meals reach your customers without loss. When using induction, chilled or deep frozen meals are carefully reheated and regenerated directly at the customer’s. A complete meal, consisting of main course, soup, salad, salad dressing and dessert, is served in DINNER-MAX high-tech porcelain dinnerware. While the main course is being gently regenerated, the temperature control, using the BLUEMAX cooling lid, ensures that the salad, dressing and dessert remain crisp and cold. For the customer the system is very easy to handle.

MONDO INDUCTION offers you a distinct economic advantage, and your customers may decide themselves when to enjoy their meal.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Developed for portioning and transportation of Cook-Chill and deep frozen meals
  • Thermal transit up to 4 hours below +10°C/+50°F
  • Induction regeneration at your customer‘s
  • Delicate reheating of the meal components and cold meal components, e.g. salad and dessert stay cold
  • Easy to handle for seniors
  • VDE-approved and GS-marked
  • Safe induction unit compliant to the European Product Liability Directive on Prevention of Violation and Misapplication
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