For meals on wheels, assisted living, short-term care

Mondo Basic

For Meals on Wheels

MONDO BASIC is the ecological, low-priced entry into the world of Mondo. The MONDO BASIC makes it possible to pack a basic menu of 3-4 items appropriately, deliver it safely and comply with all the guidelines of food safety regulations. With BASIC you are also already utilising many of the technical advantages of its big brothers, MONDO and JUMBO. Moreover, it is very easy to later switch to the larger systems.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Guaranteed warm transit for up to 2/3 hours
  • Suitable for freshly cooked meals
  • Suitable for combi steamer or convectomat-regeneration
  • Feather-weight transportation
  • One-hand operation of all system parts
  • Compact and handy dimensions
  • 100% spill-proof during the entire service life
  • Temperature control for salad and dessert
  • Dishwasher-proof
  • Non-slip stackable in your vehicle
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